Facebook Fake Coupon #2375

Another day, another fake Facebook coupon heading your way to potentially wreck your devices. This time around, it claims to be from Walmart. The post claims that everyone who shares the link will be sent a $75 coupon.  If you look close, you’ll notice one gaping error already. The link is from Walmarto.com.   Walmarto?  Okay.  Of course, the $75 coupon to everyone who shares a link should be a clue as well. How in the world could Walmart possible afford to give potentially a billion people $75 bucks off their purchase? Why would they even do it?


Now if you tap on the link, you’ll get a little questionnaire written in highly questionable English asking questions that Walmart probably already knows the answers to. Answer it quickly because you only have 265 something or others left to receive your coupon of Walmart.


I went to school with the person who shared this coupon and I distinctly remember her being able to read, so I can only assume she just wasn’t paying any attention before she hit that share button.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, the problem with taking these little quizzes is that you are frequently redirected to sites that will download malware onto your device. When you tap those survey buttons you could actually be tapping buttons to invite malware, adware, or ransomware onto your device.


By sharing it, you’re exposing your friends to the same risks. I know many of you say you share things just in case they turn out to be real and that it can’t hurt. But it can hurt. It can result in ruined phones or PCs, and in some cases, scammers targeting vulnerable people. So how about we all just stop passing these on right this minute?


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