Top cybersecurity threats of 2020: part 5

We’ve been counting down the top cybersecurity threats for the coming year.

So far we’ve covered:

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At the top of our countdown:


XSS-attacks will remain on the front burner in 2020. The problem is so important that Google pays a $10,000 reward for those who detect a cross-site scripting vulnerability.

Here’s how they work: as soon as the victim visits a malicious site with built-in javascript, the virus steals data from the browser. From then onward, the hacker knows anything about the victims’ activity on the Web.

To convince a user to click on the page, cybercriminals can apply various tricks, for example, they can send an email from a “system administrator”. The letter can have a strong resemblance to an official one, even the sender’s address can be the same.

Again, the best way to protect yourself is to be cautious all of the time. Careful about what sites you visit and which links you click on.

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~ Dean Chester

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