Safari won’t load

A reader needs help with her Safari browser:

“I know you specialize in Windows, but do you have any advice for Apple users? I’m specifically speaking of Safari. In the last 3 days my Safari is refusing to load pages. They will load from my Bookmarks, but only the first time and then: nothing! Refuses
to load any page. Or should I call the Apple dealer?”

I answer a lot of Windows questions because I get a lot of Windows questions. But I’m always ready to solve your Mac problems as well. No need to call the Apple dealer. Problems loading pages can be caused by a slow Internet connection, but if pages load okay from Bookmarks, my guess is you need to clear the history. There are two ways to do it.

Open Safari and then click the Safri Menu at the top left. Choose Clear History from the drop-down menu.


This window will pop up. You can choose to clear all history. 


Or choose your preferred dates. You’ll want to go at least as far back as to when you noticed the problem.


If that doesn’t work, we’ll need to look at clearing the cache. I’ll show you how to take care of that tomorrow.


One thought on “Safari won’t load

  1. This day you told how to clear the cache in Safari but it might be helpful if your response included how to do this in the other browsers also. Probably the methods are similar but slightly different. I use Firefox but have never known how to clear the cache. My system is
    10/64. Thank you.

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