How to enlarge Windows menus

A reader needs help seeing things more clearly.

“I have a new 32 in HD monitor due to bad eyesight. Body of Browsers and Text is now large enough to read easily (170%) except for the “drop-down” windows from Right- mouse button and some other win 10 windows such as Download or Documents which are smaller than ever. How to enlarge the drop-down windows and the text therein? I need the 3840 x 2160 Resolution in order to increase the Browser and document text size high enough and still remain clear. My Graphics card is an Intel HD Graphics 630 and did ok/normal with the drop down windows with the old standard monitor that I believe had a Resolution of 1920 x 1440. There must be a solution to increasing the windows and text size of the drop down windows?”

It should be as easy as adjusting a setting that’s just below the one that enlarged your text size.  Type Make everything bigger into your search box and click on the results.


Pick Display.


You’ll see the option to Make text bigger by sliding a bar. Underneath that is the option to Make everything bigger.


Click the drop-down menu to choose for up to 175%


Let’s compare the difference between 100% and 175%



If that doesn’t work, consider going to the Scale and Layout under your Display settings and trying the recommended resolution with the increased size on the settings. Let me know what happens.




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  1. Thanks so much! You are Wonderful. It worked on the dropdown menus in almost all cases and such a relief. However, the Ribbon menus on top of the Document, Download, Pictures, etc.Folders are stull very small and hate to change resolution for everything else just to make those text fonts bigger. Any suggestions?

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