Internet Movie and Film Archive

This site is a treasure trove of forgotten movies and videos. It features movies and shorts that have fallen under the public domain and are now free for anyone to watch. This site had collected thousands of options together in a simple interface.

Some of these classic movies, especially the silent ones, are great. Others are so bad they’re good. Some are just bad. But they all provide a fascinating look into the history of film.

The educational shorts are particularly fascinating as they give you a real insight into the time they were made and what was on everyone’s mind at the time. When I arrived at the site, there was a nag screen asking for donations but this is completely optional.

You’ll see categories like Feature Films, Sci-Fi, Short Films, Comedy, Silent Films, Movie Trailers, and Stock Footage. The number of titles available in the category is displayed just beneath the name.


Click on the category to see the available films.

movies available.jpg

At the left, you can sort by filters like year, topic, and creator.


To play, just click on the name of the video. A player will open.


You’ll have options to Play, back up, add closed captions, and even send to your SmartTV via Chromecast.


At the right, you’ll find controls to go full-screen, change playback speed, and mute,

I could spend hours exploring the options and I bet you could, too. Click here to check it out.

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