Share photos with Google Photos

We’ve been looking at ways to share photos this week. Today, I’ll show you how easy it is to share them using Google Photos.

Let’s start by sharing from a browser on your PC or Mac. Just open your Gmail inbox, click the square of dots at the top right and click on Photos from the menu.


Google Photos will open.


Click a photo to select.


Then choose the Share icon at the upper right.


Select a Gmail contact, choose to share on Facebook or Twitter, or choose to create a link to the image that you can email or share with someone via message.


You can add a message if you’re sharing with a contact.


Choose to share a link and you’ll get a link you can copy.


The person receiving the link to the photo can click on it to view or choose to download.


You can also choose to share entire albums of photos.

share albums.jpg



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