The cheap way to protect your device

I told you recently about the warning law enforcement issued about how hackers could use public USB charging stations to load malware onto your PC or steal your data.

That’s possible because USB cables have a dual function. They can both charge devices and deliver data. Some folks suggest that you never use public USB charging, but what if you really need to charge your device? There is a solution and it’s pretty inexpensive.


You can buy a data blocker for your USB cord. I found one on Amazon for less than $7 and you can even get a 2-pack for just $12.50. It should work with PCs, Macs, iPhones, or Android devices. Just plug one end of the data blocker into the charger and your charging cord into the data blocker.

Click here to check out the 2-pack for $12.50

Click here to view the single for $6.99

There are also other brands available on Amazon. Just click here to see the selection.

These are also available at other sites and in electronics and computer stores. We are an Amazon affiliate. If you buy after clicking these links, we do get a penny or two on every purchase. But, please look around and find the best price you possibly can.

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