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I’ve been sharing some of the features of Internet Archive with you and a reader wanted to know why I haven’t spotlighted their software archive.

“Cyn, I was going to ask if Internet Archive is a cool site for you.  I used Internet Archive a couple years ago to reload – Windows Live Photo Gallery. My download wasn’t working right. I even used Internet Archive to download for my husband as he’d never had it and should have organized his photos better. So maybe a refresher introduction to Internet Archive for all your new recruits.”

That’s a great idea, but it might be a bigger project that you’d think. Partly because many of the old school games and programs they offer for download, won’t run on modern systems. So, I’ll need to get into explaining how to set up a virtual environment in which to run them. Which is actually a great idea. A little on the high-skill tech side, but our goal here is to learn new things.

My other concern is that for programs that will still run on Windows like Live Photo Gallery, I have some security concerns. Once a program is no longer supported by Microsoft, it is vulnerable to attackers. While that wouldn’t be an issue for DOS games in a virtual environment, it could be for programs that still work with more current versions of Windows.  But thanks for the suggestion. I definitely think a tutorial about both virtual environments and finding archived software are in the cards for the New Year.

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