Quick Tip – add a date and time to Notepad

Here’s a super-quick tip for using Windows Notepad. Notepad is a stripped-down word processing program that makes it easy to take a quick note.  If you’d like to automatically add a date and time to the note, just open Notepad.


Then hit the F5 key. A date and time will appear at the top of your document!


Pretty cool, right.  Wait, there’s more. You can also create a document that will log the date and time every time you make an entry.  Just open a new note and type.LOG  Do not forget the period before LOG. Save the note as


Click File and save your document. You can call it whatever you like. I went with Diary. Close it and open it back up.


Every time you open the document to make an entry, the date and time will be recorded. Don’t forget to save after each entry.



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