How do I use a QR Code?

A reader has a question about making a return to Amazon:

“In order to return an item to Amazon, I’m told to scan the QR Code they sent me in an email. I don’t know how to do this, and Amazon is no help. Can you tell me HOW this is done? Do I use the camera on my phone and just take a picture of it to present to the drop-off place? I’ve never used these codes just for that reason; I don’t know how. You’re my only hope . . . please? “


In this case, as long as you have a smartphone, it should be as simple as taking your phone in and showing the clerk at the UPS or FedEx store the email with the QR code from your phone. They should be able to scan it in. You could also take a clear photo of the QR code (don’t use flash.)  But it can be hard to get a picture of the screen.

Another option is to simply print off the email with the QR code and take that into the package place for them to scan.

Your question has give me a good idea. I think a QR code tutorial would be a great idea. Expect to see one in the newsletter soon.

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