Hey J Tree

Here’s a great site for nature lovers. Hey J Tree will introduce you to the magnificent Joshua Trees of Joshua Tree National Park.

It’s set up like a dating site, but instead of connecting you to that special human someone, you meet the Joshua Tree that’s just right for you. The site uses photos, videos, art, and music and it’s great fun.

But there is a serious purpose. The creators aim to show people how to respectfully visit the park and interact with nature. The site was born out of concern about park visitors touching animals, damaging plants and rocks, using drones, and other violations of conservation rules.

To get started, just click on a tree that catches your eye.


You’ll learn your tree’s name, location, and get to watch a music video about it.



Keep scrolling for a scientific biography of your tree and also for one that’s just for fun. You can interact by leaving messages for your tree, just like a real dating site.

It’s a different way to get a closer look at this magnificent desert landscape. Just follow the link to check it out: https://www.heyjtree.com/

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