Social Security Scams on the rise

The AARP is warning senior citizens about the latest twist on Government imposter scams. Government imposter scams are where crooks pretend to be from a government agency or law enforcement. Among their favorite tactics is to bring up your Social Security Account.

Saying there’s an issue with your Social Security number brings out that fear response, I’m always warning you about. Crooks hope you’ll panic and quickly take an unwise action while the adrenaline is pumping through your veins. After all, your Social Security number is tied to your retirement and income.

One of their favorite tricks involves a call or email saying that your Social Security Number has been linked to a crime. They’ll tell you that your Social Security number has been frozen or suspended and you’re in big trouble if you don’t do exactly what they say immediately. Usually, that involves you ‘confirming’ your Social Security Number by giving it to them. Sometimes they offer to let you put up a bond for your SSN by wire transferring money or purchasing gift cards. They’ll ask you to read the PIN number from the gift card to them over the phone.

Of course, if you really want your Social Security number to be linked to a crime, the best way to assure that is to give it to scammers.

The Social Security Administration does not suspend or freeze Social Security numbers. The very last thing Social Security Administration needs is for you to read them your SSN. It’s the one thing you can be sure they have.  And absolutely any time that someone other than the teenager who mows your lawn tells you they need to be paid in gift cards, it is 100% guaranteed a scam.

Don’t let them scare you.


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