Clear the cache in Firefox

Clearing your browser cache can sometimes fix issues like pages that won’t load or just general wonkiness on the part of your browser. A couple of weeks ago, I showed you how to do it in Safari. But a reader wants advice for Firefox.

“You told how to clear the cache in Safari but it might be helpful if your response included how to do this in the other browsers also. Probably the methods are similar but slightly different. I use Firefox but have never known how to clear the cache.”

I’d be glad to show you. It’s super-simple. Just open Firefox and press Ctrl +Shift +Del on your keyboard.


This window will pop up.


You can choose to clear all of your history, including browsing, cookies, and your logins and forms, if you like. If you want to keep your active logins and autofills, uncheck the boxes leaving only the one next to Cache ticked. Then click Clear now.



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