If you’re seeing quirky behavior with any Microsoft Office program, there’s a pretty easy step you can take before attempting a reinstallation.  You can run the repair tool. Here’s how it works in Windows 10.

Type Add or remove program in the search box and click on the result.


Scroll down in Apps & Features and look for Office 365.


Click on Office 365 and you’ll get the option to either Uninstall or Modify. Choose Modify.


You can then choose between a Quick Repair and an Online Repair. An Online Repair takes longer. I’d suggest trying the quick version first and the longer version if that doesn’t help. Click on Repair to start the process. You’ll be notified when the repair is complete. You can’t use any of your Office programs while the repair is being completed.


I suggest trying a Quick Repair. If that doesn’t fix the issue, you can move on to an online repair. You’ll need to close all Office programs first. Then click Repair.


The process should take a few minutes.


You’ll be notified when the repair is finished.