Switch between Gmail accounts

Need more than one Gmail address?  It’s super-simple to add another address and switch between two accounts in the same inbox. If you’re accessing via a browser, it doesn’t matter at all which computer you use because the information about the accounts is stored in the cloud, not on the computer. Your browser is just defaulting to the last account that was accessed.

Let me show you how to add an additional account and switch between them.

Open your Gmail inbox and click on the letter that represents your name in the upper-right portion of the inbox.


Click on Add another account.


If you already have another Gmail account existing, just enter the email address and password. If you need to create a new one, click on



In the future when you go to enter your account, you’ll be given the options of choosing the account you want to use.


Once you’re in the inbox, you can switch accounts by your profile icon in the upper-right and choosing the account from the drop-down menu.


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