Will Thunderbird work for me?

A reader is looking for a new email client:
“Hi Cyn, thanks a lot for the very easily understandable Windows 10 Guide.
You recommended the possibility to replace the Windows Live Mail well functionning but put to death by MS, by Thunderbird. Would you know if it is compatible with my two 64-bit laptops?
And if it is, can we transfer settings and emails without getting all garbled and unintelligible folder names. (I have an horrendous past experience from before in that respect). If not compatible to a 64-bit, which other client would you recommend?
I am also wondering if it would still be possible to install Live Mail on a Win 10 running PC or if it would keep malfunctionning ?”
Thank you very much! I’m glad you enjoyed my guide. And yes, Thunderbird should work just fine for your needs. It’s easy to set up Thunderbird to access multiple email accounts.
As far as transferring your data, it’s possible to transfer your data from LiveMail to Thunderbird, though I can’t guarantee that everything will go smoothly partly because LiveMail is no longer supported by Microsoft.
And, no, I would not suggest attempting to install LiveMail on Windows 10, even if you can find a place to download a copy. The program is no longer supported by Microsoft and therefore not secure and it isn’t designed to work with current apps and service, so you’ll likely see an unending string of compatibility issues.

2 thoughts on “Will Thunderbird work for me?

  1. I have been using Thunderbird for about 10 years. It’s simple, versatile, easy to use.especially compared to gmail or yahoo

  2. I am using Windows Live Mail on Windows 10 with no problem what-so-ever. Had it in Windows 7, changed the same computer over to Windows 10 and didn’t lose anything.

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