How to use Icecream Image Resizer

Yesterday I showed you how to download and install Icecream Image Resizer, a free program that allows you to resize most popular image formats. Click here to read that article. 

Today, we’ll learn how to use it. Start by opening the program. The interface is really simple.


To add an image, click the plus sign.


Then select the image you wish to resize.


This interface will open.


You can choose between pre-selected sizes or manual.


If you select manual, type in the size.


Then choose the location where you’d like to save your copy or if you want to overwrite the original file.


Click Resize.


Confirm that you want to resize the file.


Once the image is resized, you can open the file to view it.


Here you can see the file has been renamed as the mini version.


Icecream will also resize entire folders of images. With the free version, you can only resize three images at a time. If you upgrade to Pro, you can resize as many images as you choose. To resize a folder, just click on Add folder at the top.


Select the folder.

pics to resize

All of the images will appear in the queue. Then choose your resizing options and click on Resize.


If you want to resize more than three files at a time, you can upgrade to the pro version for a one-time fee of $19.95 that gives you a lifetime license for two computers and also allows you to use the program commercially.



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