How to get new Edge

If your Windows 10 PC hasn’t updated to the new version of Microsoft Edge, here’s how to get it. This browser will be a big change. It’s based off Chromium, the same framework as Google Chrome browser. Microsoft has given up on the idea of it’s own proprietary structure for a browser in favor of one that’s compatible with more programs and add-ons.

To install the new version, follow this link:

Then, click on Download. You can click that drop-down arrow to also find versions for Windows 8.1, Android, Mac, and iPhone.


Click to accept terms.


Give permission for the file to run or go into your Download folders to find the file to run.


The new version of Edge will begin to download and replace your current one.


The icon of your browser will switch from this:



To this:


Tomorrow, we’ll look at how you get started in the new, and hopefully improved, Edge.

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