Groove Music – create a playlist

This week, we’ve been learning all about Groove Music – the default music player that comes with Windows 10. Today, I’ll show you how to create a playlist.

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To create a playlist, open the app and click the big + sign on the left side.


Type in a name for your playlist and click Create Playlist.


Now it’s time to add some songs.


Click the Music icon on the left to go to My Music and start selecting songs or albums.


You can add songs individually by hovering over it and clicking the + sign.


To add multiple songs tick the box to the left of each song.


Right-click on a song, choose Add to and then select your playlist.


Or click on Add to down at the bottom right and select your playlist.


To add an album, hover over it and choose the + sign.


Then select your playlist.


You can also choose to create a new playlist by right-clicking on a song, group of songs, or albums and choosing New playlist.  To view your playlists, click the Playlist icon on the left of Groove Music.


Hover over the playlist for a play button and press play to listen to it.


Or click on the playlist to view it and see your editing options.


You can add and delete songs and rename your playlist. Click Pin to Start to make your favorite playlist easily accessible.

playlist options

It will be added to your Start Menu.


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