Groove Music – playback settings

This week, we’ve been getting to know the Groove Music app, which is the default music player for Windows 10.

Click here to learn about Groove Music

Click here to learn about Groove Music Settings.

Today we’ll learn how to make adjustments to the playback settings to improve the sound quality. Start by opening Groove Music and clicking the Settings icon at the lower left.


Then select Equalizer under Playback.


This Dashboard will open.


Click the dropdown menu to choose presets for boosting treble or bass and for optimized settings for listening on headphones, laptop, portable speakers, stereo, on your TV, or in your car.


You can also do custom adjustments. Hover over one of the handles to select it.


And pull to adjust the range.

pull handle

You can make adjustments while music is playing to hear the results.



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