Fed Ex warns of delivery text scam

Fed Ex is warning of a new scam that arrives via text message. The text says that your package is ready and that you need to tap on a link to set your delivery preferences.


This is a standard phishing scam, (sometimes called smsishing when sent via text message). Crooks send legitimate-looking notices and convince you to tap or click on links that lead you to malicious sites that download malware onto your device or solicit banking or other private information.

FedEx isn’t the only company these scammers impersonate, they’ve been known to use UPS, the Post Office, and Amazon in these delivery texts. With more and more people ordering items online these days, there’s a pretty good chance that the random people they target could be expecting a package.

These texts really do look similar to actual deliver notifications, so it’s no surprise that people actually do click on them.


The moral of the story is to always think before you click or tap. If you have an actual package to track, leave your messaging app and either open up the website for the company in a browser or open up an app from the company and track your package from there.



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