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Welcome to the new Microsoft Edge. This redesigned version of the built-in browser for Windows 10 is based on Chromium, the same platform as Google Chrome.


You can click here to learn how to download the new Edge if your PC hasn’t already updated and here to learn how to set up your new browser.

Let’s take a tour! At the top, you’ll find the familiar address bar.


To the far left, you’ll find arrows to go forward and back. The semi-circular arrow is for refreshing the page, and the house icon is for your home page.


Next to the address, you’ll probably see a lock (assuming the site you’re visiting is secure.) Click on it to see information about the site.


Just below the address bar, you’ll see your Favorites bar.


On the far right, you’ll see a star icon with a + sign. Click it to add a page to your Favorites.


You can change the name if you like and also select which folder you’d like the favorite saved in. Use the Favorites Bar or click on the drop-down arrow to choose another folder.


Click on more to see additional options or to create a new folder.


Click on Favorites to see your Favorites Bar and to manage your Favorites.


Click your profile icon to choose a profile, browse as a guest, or sync your account across devices.


Click the three-dot menu icon to see a drop-down menu with more options.


Tomorrow we’ll look at your menu options.


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