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All this week, we’ve been exploring the new Microsoft Edge browser. Click here to read the beginning of our tour.

Now, were’ taking a look at your options when you click the three-line menu icon at the top-right of the browser.


Your first options are for opening new tabs and new windows.


New tab allow you to open another page. You can navigate between tabs by clicking the tabs at the top.


The tab will display the name of the web page you are visiting.


If you choose to open a New window, another instance of Edge will open.


Choose New private window and Edge won’t remember passwords, your browsing history, or cookies. The background for private windows will be gray.


Use Zoom to increase the size up to 500%.


Favorites allows you to see your saved favorite sites.


Choose Show favorites bar to select when you want to see the favorites bar below the address bar at the top of the page.


You can choose Always, Never, or Only on new tabs.


Up next is History. Click on it to get a pop-up menu.


Choose Manage history to see the sites you’ve visited. You can scroll down to check out the sites. Click on any site displayed to open it. At the left, you can search for sites in your history. You can also view by all sites or by recently visited sites.


This is also where you can clear browsing data.


You can choose to clear Browsing history, Download history, cookies and site date, or Cached images and files.


Or scroll down for Passwords, Autofill, Site permissions, and App data.


You can also select the time range to clear.  Then press Clear now.


Downloads takes you to items that you’ve downloaded using Edge.


Apps lists the web apps you use in Edge. In some cases you may be able to download a copy of the web app.


Extensions are mini-programs that you can install within Edge to perform certain functions. We’ll get more into how they work in a later tip.


Tomorrow, in the next part of our series, we’ll look at even more options from the menu.



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