Intel Optane Memory Pinning error

A reader is getting an unexplained error:

“I am running windows 10 which is up to date and I use Eset anti virus which is also up to date I use the Brave browser most of the time but my problem is this I have File Explorer pinned to my task bar and when I open it up I get this message. is there any way to get rid of it, it doesn’t bother anything but is annoying.”


Turns out that this is a known issue and there’s a relatively easy fix. It happens when there’s a major Windows operating system update. During a major OS update devices are all reinstalled with the best matching driver.

According to Intel, “With RST driver, the way the Intel® Optane™ memory pinning components are installed was modified. If at some point the driver was upgraded from a version earlier than to a newer one, OS update may try to reapply the removed installation files from the earlier versions.  Due to a compatibility issue, an error message may occur.”

As you said, it doesn’t really seem to affect anything, but it is annoying. Here’s how to fix it. Type Run in the Windows search box and click on the result.


Then type appwiz.cpl’  in the run box and click OK.


Scroll down to  Intel Optane Pinning Explorer Extensions.


Select and then click Repair at the top.


Now, let’s make sure it doesn’t happen the next time you update your OS. Type Device manager into the Windows search box and click on the result.

device manager

Click to expand Software Components and then right-click on Intel Pinning Shell Extensions.


Choose Uninstall device.


Tick the box to delete the driver.


Let me know if this helps.


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