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This week we’ve been learning all about the new Edge browser.  In case you’ve missed the first two parts of our tour:

Click here for Part 1

Click here for Part 2

Right now, we’re continuing our look at the options on the Edge Menu.  First, we’ll check out your Print option.


The print window will open. Your document will display in the middle and your print options at the left.


Select your printer or choose to save as a PDF or send to OneNote. You can also select the number of copies and choose between portrait and landscape orientation.


Choose the page or pages to print, whether or print in black and white or color, or if you want to print on both sides.


Click on More settings to pick your paper size, enlarge or shrink the size of the document, and to select the number of web pages per sheet. You can also adjust the margins and choose whether you want headers, footers, and background graphics to print. Click Print when you’re ready.


Share gives you multiple options for sharing a page.


You can share to contacts, to nearby devices, or with an app. You can also copy the link or send via email.


Next, Find on page allows you to search for a word or phrase on a web page. Click it and you’ll get a search box at the top.


Click it and you’ll get a search box at the top. If there is more than one result, you can navigate with the arrows to the right of the search box.


Results will be highlighted in yellow.


Click Read aloud to have your PC read the web page to you.


The Read aloud control bar will appear at the top of the page.


Use the controls to move forward and back on the page and to stop and start reading.


Click Voice options at the far right to adjust speed or change the voice.


More tools shows you options to Save the page, Pin a page to your taskbar, and send a page to another device like a smartTV.


Browser task manager gives you a quick look at all the resources the browser is using.

Browser task manager

Next week, we’ll move on to exploring Settings.

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