A reader has a question about a Windows 10 notification:

“I keep getting a message daily that flashes on my screen saying “Your Jane Smith account settings are out of date.” I have no idea what’s meant by this.  Do you know and if so, what am I supposed to do?”

From time to time, Windows 10 users may see notifications like the ones below.


These notifications are coming from the Mail app in Windows 10. It’s attempting to check your email but doesn’t have the correct password, current log-in information, or there’s another issue with your account.  If you click on the notification, it will open the email client.


To the left under Accounts, you can see there’s an alert next to the account. Click on the alert.


In my case, there was a question about the security certificate for this account. I’m comfortable trusting my ISP, so I’m going to select Continue.  Your issues may be different, but there is some type of issue connecting to email.