Set up the new Microsoft Edge

There’s a new version of the Microsoft Edge browser. Yesterday, we showed you how to download it if you haven’t already updated. (Click here to read that article.)  Today, we’ll look at how to get started up setting up your new browser.

The first time you open after updating, you’ll see the screen below. Click on Get started.


You can choose to import your profile from Google Chrome or to continue without using that profile.


You can also click on More import options. 


You can choose bookmarks, addresses, browsing history, passwords, payment information, or settings.


When you’ve made your decision, click Next.


Up first, you can customize new tabs by choosing Inspirational, Informational, or Focused. Inspirational tabs will feature a photo. Informational will contain news headlines and suggestions. Focused will be a blank page.


You can then choose if you want to sync your browser information across Edge on multiple devices.


Then decide if you want to allow Microsoft to use your browsing history to target you with ads, news, and other services. I’d probably flip that to No. You’ll still get ads on many sites, but they won’t be based on your browsing history.

decide on experiences

And now you are ready to use Edge.


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