Edge Settings – Part 2 – Privacy

Yesterday we started our look at Edge Settings by checking out your Profile options. Click here to read that tip.Today we’ll move on to learning about Privacy.  Start by opening Edge, clicking on the three-dot menu icon and choosing Settings from the drop-down menu.


When the Settings page opens, click on Privacy and services.

Privacy and services

Your first option is whether or not you turn on Tracking prevention. Choose between Basic, Balanced, or Strict tracking protection. Balanced is the default choice. If you select Strict, you may find that some sites don’t work quite right.


Just below those options, you have Blocked trackers and Exceptions. 

blocked trackers

Click to see a list of blocked trackers.

see blocked-trackers

Choose Exceptions to allow tracking on certain sites if you choose. You might choose to do this if a site doesn’t function properly unless it can track you.  Click Add a site to put a site on the list.


Your next option is to Clear browsing data.


Click on Choose what to clear to select the information to remove and the time frame. Clearing cached images and files can sometimes help if your browser is having issues loading.


Under Privacy, you choose whether or not you want to send “Do Not Track” requests to websites. Now, it’s completely up to the individual websites as to whether they wish to honor your request.  You can also give sites permission to check to see if you have payment information saved.   Just move the slider buttons to turn on and off.


Click on Manage certificates, and you’ll be able to view and edit any security certificates saved in the browser.


The next group of settings focus on whether or not you allow Microsoft to collect and store information about your online habits. They use this information to target advertising for products and services and also to make your browsing a little speedier.  But probably not so much that you’d want to give up your privacy.


Last, but certainly not least, you’ll find Services. You can choose whether or not you want Edge to take you to where it thinks you meant to go if there’s a navigation error and turn Microsoft Defender SmartScreen on and off. SmartScreen can prevent unwanted downloads to your PC.


Click on Address bar and you’ll be able to choose whether or not you want to be able to search for websites by typing in the address bar. You can also pick the default search engine. Unsurprisingly, Microsoft uses Bing by default, but you can switch to Google, Yahoo, or Duck Duck Go.



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