Edge settings – Part 1

Last week we learned a lot about the new and hopefully improved Microsoft Edge. The browser has been completely redesigned based on the same platform as Google Chrome.

This week, we’ll explore the Settings and learn all about how you can customize Edge. Start by opening Edge, clicking the three-dot menu icon and choosing Settings from the drop-down menu.


This window will open.


You can use the search box to look for items in Settings. We’ll just go through the list in order. At the top, you’ll find Profiles.


When you click on Profiles, this screen displays in the center of the page. If you’re logged in, your account will show.


If you have more than one Outlook address or more than one person uses the computer, click Add profile.


Just follow the simple directions to add an additional user or account.


Click on Manage account to change users. Click Sync to sync settings between Edge on different devices.


Click Passwords to manage your saved Internet passwords. Choose whether you want Edge to save your passwords or sign into websites automatically.


Saved passwords will be listed in alphabetical order.


Click the eye next to your password to see your password.


Click the three-dot icon and you can click on Details to change the username or password for the site. Click on Delete to remove the stored password.


Your next choice is Payment info.


Choose whether or not you want the browser to remember your credit card information on sites. To add a card, click on Add card.


Addresses will let you automatically fill in frequently used addresses.


Choose whether or not you want to automatically add addresses. Click Add address to enter frequently used addresses.


Your last option under Profiles is to Import browser data. This allows you to bring in data from other browsers.


This window will open.


Click the drop-down arrow under Import from to choose the browser you want the data from.


Choose the items you want to import by ticking the box next to them. Then click Import.


We’ll continue our look at Edge Settings tomorrow.

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