Microsoft Edge settings – part 5- system and printer

All week long, we’ve been learning all about Settings in the revamped Microsoft Edge browser.

Today, we’ll wrap things up with Printers, System, and Reset options. Start by opening Edge browser, clicking the three-line menu icon at the top right, and choosing Settings from the drop-down menu.


At the left of the Settings page, choose Printers. Click on Manage printers to open your printer settings and make any changes.


Under System, you can choose if you want background apps in Edge to continue to run when it is closed and whether or not you want to use hardware acceleration. If you have a problem with the way video is playing inĀ  Edge, you may want to see what happens if you turn off hardware acceleration.


If Edge is acting really buggy or you aren’t happy with the tweaks you’ve made to the settings, you can choose to Reset the browser. Be careful, this will reset your startup page and clear your cookies, pinned tabs, and other data. Your favorites, passwords, and search history will not be affected.


Click on About Microsoft Edge to see which version of the browser you’re using and check for updates.


I hope our look at the revamped Edge browser has been helpful.

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