Edge settings – part 4- permissions

Monday, we started our look at Edge Settings by checking out your Profile options. Click here to read that tip.

Tuesday, we explored all of your privacy options. Click here to read that tip.

Wednesday, we checked out how to customize the appearance of Edge. Click here to read that.

Today, we’re going to explore how to set permissions, deal with downloads, and set the language for your browser.

Start by clicking the three-dot menu icon at the top right of Edge and choosing Settings from the drop-down menu.


At the left of the Settings page, click on Site permissions.


You’ll see a long list of permissions to look through. You can choose whether or not sites can store cookies or use location. Cookies can help a site work faster and location data allows you to get directions, find the closest store or location for a theater if you want movie times.

Camera and Microphone settings allow you record videos or make video and audio calls from your device.


Some other important permissions are whether or not you want to allow Adobe Flash or JavaScript programs to run.  You’ll probably also want to make sure that sites have to ask before sending you notifications.


You can also choose to block pop-ups, ads, and decide which images to display.

images, popups-ads

Click the arrow at the right of the permission to make adjustments to the permissions.


For example, here are your options for Cookies.


Click Downloads to decide where you’d like downloads from Edge to be stored or to be asked for the location with each download.


Click on languages to select a language for Edge and also to turn spell checking on or off and add or remove words from the dictionary.


Tomorrow, we’ll wrap up our look at Settings.

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