Yesterday I showed you the shocking truth about how other websites and apps share your information with Facebook. Click here to read that article.

I was blown away to discover that over 1200 websites and apps had shared details about my online activity with Facebook including government agencies like the VA.


Now that we know about all the information they have on you, what can you do about it? You could choose to download all of that information to keep a permanent record of it.


More importantly, you can control whether your future activity is shared. Click on Manage Future Activity.


This screen will pop up. Click on Manage Future Activity. Facebook sort of kind of tries to talk you out of it.  Click anyway.


You can choose to not have future Facebook activity saved. That doesn’t mean that information won’t get sent to Facebook. They just won’t store it long-term.


To prevent sites from choosing to share that information. You need to click on each site on the list individually.


click on va for information

Locate the Turn off future activity icon.


Then confirm that you want this information turned off. Though if you read closely, they aren’t exactly promising not to get the info.


Looks like I have 1,200 more of these to turn off. Wish me luck.