Can’t find your Android phone? There’s a handy feature that can help you track it down in case it is lost or stolen.  You’ll want to be prepared for the worst by making sure you have Location turned on for your phone. Go to Settings and make sure n Location  is turned on. For my phone, it’s under Biometrics and security.


Turn Location on.


You could wait until your phone goes missing to test it out. But I’m going to go ahead to test it now by going to If you aren’t already logged into your Google account, you will need to log into the same one you use for your phone.

You’ll see a screen with a map.


Here I am!


To the right, I can see the device and that it’s connected to WiFi.  I also have several options. If I think the phone is actually at my location, I can play a sound even if the phone is set to silent. It will ring for five minutes, which should be ample time to find it.

I can also take the precaution of locking my phone and sign out of my Google account. From here, I can change the password or display a message or phone number on the lock screen to help someone who may have found the device to return it.

If I want to be super-careful, I can also choose to erase the device. But if I take that option, I won’t be able to track the phone.


There’s also a level of protection here if someone else attempts to track your phone. If you are logged into your phone, you’ll be notified if someone logs into a browser using your Google account and tried to find your phone. This notification will pop up.