With all of the flu fears and rumors about the spread of flu viruses in the United States, I found a great site that gets you the information straight from the Center for Disease Control.


The CDC’s Weekly Flu Index provides a weekly update about the spread of the influenza virus. Maps show the areas hit hardest by the flu and the site details the age ranges of those affected and contains important information such as the number of people hospitalized, the number of fatalities, and the demographics of those affected. So far this flu season, 12,000 people have died. That sounds frightening but when you factor in that 22 million cases of flu have been diagnosed, the fatality rate is just 100th of a percent.

You’ll also find interesting information such as which strains of the viruses are causing the most problem (did you know over 1200 different strains have been diagnosed this flu season?) There are also links to take you to sites with information for your state. This is a helpful, factual resource for staying up-to-date during the flu season.

Click here to visit: https://www.cdc.gov/flu/weekly/index.htm