There are over 188,000 extensions in the Chrome web store. Sounds amazing right? Well, the amazing part is that 23% of the extensions have only one or zero users.

A full 87% of available extensions are installed by less than 1,000 users. That’s not to say that people don’t use Chrome extensions. There are over 1 billion installations of these mini-apps that you can add on to your browser to perform functions like ad-blocking, package tracking, and spell-checking.

But it turns out that just a few extensions get most of the use. The top 13 extensions, all with 10 million or more installations are:

Cisco Webex
Google Translate
Avast Online Security
Adobe Acrobat
Adblock Plus
Pinterest Save Button
Avast SafePrice
uBlock Origin

Honey is a shopping app that helps you get discounts, several are security extensions, Grammarly checks spelling and grammar, and the Pinterest Save Button helps you share images to the popular social media network. The majority of extensions are free, less than 9% of installed apps are paid.

I have a few questions for our Chrome users. Do you have extensions installed? Do you find that you use them or they just sit there? Which ones do you use and why? Let us know in the comments.