Windows 10 on the rise

Windows PCs are by far the most popular desktop/laptop devices out there, accounting for around 88% of devices in use. But Windows 10 is still hovering just under the 60% mark five years after the operating system was released. Still, that’s a significant increase since last January when Windows 10 was found on just 40% of devices.

Despite the end of support for Windows 7 in January, that operating system still accounted for 32% of devices, though that number may be dropping soon as people upgrade for safety’s sake. Windows 8.1 is still found on just under 4% of laptops and desktops. And even though support ended years ago, XP is still hanging around on 2% of laptops. Safety shmaefty, I guess.

Where do Macs stand in all of this? The Mac operating system is found on around 9.5% of all desktop or laptops. Since folks always ask about the popularity of the Linux OS, I’ll let you know that it shows up on 1.87% of devices.

Despite the fact that Chromebooks are quite popular in schools, overall the Chrome operating system is found on less than 1% of total devices.

If you combine mobile and laptop/desktop systems, Android is king of the hill. You’ll find it on 40% of all devices. Windows is in a distant second at 17%. iOS, the operating system for iPhones is in third place with 16.73%. Mac OS is in fourth place at less than 4% of all devices.

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