Help! I’m not seeing your posts

A reader misses seeing Cyn’s Tech Tips in her Facebook feed:

“I’m not seeing your posts on Facebook anymore…in fact I’m not getting much of anything other than ads anymore, no matter how often I try blocking them.”

You can’t really do anything to avoid ads on Facebook. It’s an ad-supported medium. The most you can do is control what types of ads you see. As far as seeing posts from our Facebook page, the most important thing you can do to see our posts or the posts of other friends or pages is to make sure to react to the posts. Facebook will show you posts from the pages and people you react to. Just liking a page, belonging to a group, or being friends with a person isn’t enough to bump them up in your feed. You need to interact.

To see more of our posts, do the following. Click the Like button and pick a reaction. I’d prefer a positive one, but say how you feel.


Or choose to comment.


Or hit that Share button.


If we aren’t turning up in your feed, go directly to the Cyn’s Tech Tips page to interact with the posts.  You’ll also have the option at the top of the page to click on Follow.


Choosing Follow will help you see more of the posts. But it’s important to make sure to keep interacting with posts. That’s the only way to make sure you’ll see posts.

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