Install extensions in the new Edge

A browser extension is small app that you can install into your browser to perform a particular function like blocking ads, checking grammar, tracking flights, or even making a beautiful background for your browser.

One of the complaints about the Edge browser has always been that it has very few extensions available when you compare it to the over 100,000 option for Chrome. Now that Microsoft Edge has been revamped and based on the same architecture as Chrome, there’s hope that the extension store will fill up with more options. Let’s take a look at how to add an extension in the new Edge.

Open Edge, click the three-dot menu icon, and choose Extensions from the drop-down menu.


Extensions will open.


In the center, you’ll see a list of installed extensions.


Turn extensions off or on by sliding the buttons at the right.


Click on Details to learn more about the extension or on Remove to delete it.


To see what extensions are available, click on Get extensions from the Microsoft Store.


Search for an extension by name or browse by category.


Let’s look at how to install an extension. Just click on an extension to learn more about it.


Check out the information about what the extension does and decide if you want to install it.


Then click on Get to install a free app.


Then confirm that you wish to add the extension.


The icon for the extension should appear at the top-right of your browser. Click to open or activate, depending on the extension.


If you’d prefer not to have it display on your toolbar, right-click and choose Move to menu.



One thought on “Install extensions in the new Edge

  1. Hope you can help me. I followed all instructions over the last week to update my Edge to this new version and attempted to add the extension McAfee Web Adviser which is available from the Google store (as per what I read on line). The extension on Google is for Adviser for Macs but says ok to download to Edge so I did and it shows on edge but does not work.
    The windows version of this app is downloaded into my computer and works fine on Google and Firefox and did work on the old version of Edge.

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