How do I send a photo from FB

A reader wants to know how to get a photo from a Facebook page to their email address.

“Do you have any tutorials on how to send a picture that’s on my Android phone’s Facebook page to my email address? I haven’t been able to do that.”

If you have email set up on your phone, it should be pretty easy.  Just hit the share option on the photo.


Choose More options.


Scroll down to Email.


When email opens, just put in your address and send it to yourself or anyone else.


You could also press and hold on the photo and choose the option to save the image to your phone.


The open up the email app on your phone, create an email, and then attach it to the email.  If you have the Messenger app installed on your phone, you could choose to share the image via Messenger with yourself.


Just put in your name and select yourself.


Or save the photo to your phone, open Messenger and select the photo icon to pick the photo to send.


You can then open up Facebook in the browser on your computer. Open Messenger and click on the photo to open.


Then click on Download to download to your computer’s Downloads folder. You can then open up your email and attach the photo to send via email.


3 thoughts on “How do I send a photo from FB

  1. Hi Cyn,
    When I try this on my laptop, I can click SHARE, but then the next screen shows the picture and a drop down box. I click on the drop down box, all the first level options appear, but NO “More options”. Therefore I never get to the Email option. Why?

    1. You won’t see these options on a browser. You’ll need to save the photo to your computer and then attach it to an email or choose to send via Messenger.

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