Why can’t I send via email?

A reader commented on my instructions for sharing a photo from  the Facebook mobile appon your phone:

“When I try this on my laptop, I can click SHARE, but then the next screen shows the picture and a drop-down box. I click on the drop-down box, all the first level options appear, but NO “More options”. Therefore I never get to the Email option. Why?”

When you access Facebook on your phone, you use the Facebook mobile app. When you access Facebook on your PC, you use a browser like Chrome, Edge, or Firefox. These are two completely separate programs that work very differently.

Thanks to the permissions you grant Facebook when you install the app on your phone, the app is able to easily interact with other programs like email when you choose More options.


You’ll also find that if you use a browser like Chrome or Firefox on your phone, you get similar sharing options for links to webpages.


To send an image from Facebook via email with a browser on your computer, you’ll first have to save the image. You can do that by clicking on the image to open it.


Then right-click to choose Save Image As.


Name your photo and decide where to save it. You can then attach it to an email like you would any other image.  Another option if you want to share the photo with someone who also uses Facebook and Facebook Messenger is to hit the Share button and choose Send as message.


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