Redesigned Edge inches up in popularity

The redesigned Microsoft Edge rose slightly in popularity last month. Despite being the default browser for Windows 10, Edge has struggled to catch on, not even capturing 10% of the market. According to figures from Netmarketshare, in February of 2020, Edge accounted for 7.39% of laptops and desktops accessing the Internet. Compare that Google’s 67.27% piece of the pie and it doesn’t look very good.


However, compare it to a year ago when Edge only had a 5.2% share or even December when Edge stood at 6.07% and there’s a slow but steady progress. The recent increase may be due to the radical redesign of Edge based on the Chromium, the same framework as Google Chrome. Whether that upward trend will continue, we’ll have to wait and see.

For now, Edge is basically neck and neck with Firefox which has a share of 7.57% That’s almost a 2% drop from a year ago. Two years ago Firefox hovered around 10%. Ten years ago it accounted for 27% of users accessing the Internet. Many users value Firefox for its focus on privacy.

Internet Explorer comes in fourth, used by 6.38% of PCs accessing the Internet.

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