Windows Performance Monitor

If your PC is running slow or acting strangely, there’s a built-in app for Windows 10 that can create a detailed report about your PC’s performance in just a minute or two. Let’s learn how it works. Type performance monitor into your search box and click on the results.


The app will open to this window.


In the center pane, you’ll see a System Summary.


Click Performance Monitor in the left pane.


By default, you’ll see the processor time counter that monitors the amount of work the processor has been handing in the past 100 seconds.


You can customize it to monitor other aspects of your PC.  Start by clicking on the green + sign at the top.


Choose Local computer from the drop-down menu.


Choose what you want to monitor from the column at the left.


Click the drop-down arrow next to your choices to see more specific information about it.


For some selections, you’ll have the choice of monitoring all incidents or just specific information.  You can search for things you want to monitor using the search box. Don’t forget to click Add.


Selected items will appear in the center pane. Make sure to click OK.

selected item

Each item you select will display in a different color. Be careful about how many items you add because it can get a little confusing.


Double-click on any line on the graph for options for controlling the appearance.


You can control color and thickness of the lines as well as style.adjusted

Here’s the same display with an adjustment.


At the bottom, you’ll see a guide that shows what the colors represent. Untick the box next to an item to remove it from the display.


Click the style icon at the top to change the format of your report.


Here it is displayed as a histogram.


And as a text report.


Right-click and you can choose to save an image of the report or to save the settings to use another time.






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