All this week we’ve been learning about the many options for displaying your files in Windows 10 File Explorer.

On Monday, we learned about the Navigation pane. Click here to read that tip

Tuesday, we looked at your many options for choosing icons and showing details about files. Click here to read that tip

Yesterday, we checked out how to sort files and adjust columns.Click here to read that tip.

Today, we’ll learn how to group files to make finding what you need even easier.

Today, we’ll learn about your options for displaying information about your files and sorting the files. We’ll start by opening File Explorer.


Click the View tab.


You’ll find the options for grouping files at the top right.


By default, files are not grouped.


Click Group by at the top, and you’ll see this drop-down menu.


Here’s what the same files look like when they are grouped. Since the files were sorted by name, it groups them into sections of 0-9, A-H, I-P, and Q-Z. This can make it easier to quicking find items.


Here are the same files grouped by date.


Click Add Columns to choose which columns are displayed in File Explorer. You can click on Choose columns for extended options.


Click on Size all columns to fit to automatically adjust the column width.


Tomorrow, we’ll check out your Show/Hide options