File Explorer Search Options

We’re looking at some advanced options for customizing File Explorer this week. Today, we’re going to learn how to control your searches for files.

Let’s start by opening File Explorer.


At the top right of the File Explorer window, you’ll find the Search box. You can search within a folder by selecting it and typing in the search box.



You have a few options for controlling how Windows 10 searches for folders and files.

Click the View tab.


At the far right, click on Options.


When Folder Options opens, click on the Search tab.  Your first option is to decide whether or not to use the index for searching in file folders. If you don’t use the index, it may speed up your computer, but searches will probably take a lot longer.


Your next options are to decide which directories to use when you’re searching non-indexed locations You can decide whether or not to include system directories or compressed files. You can also decide if you want to search thoroughly in file names and contents. This might take some time.  If you aren’t happy with your changes, you can always click on Restore Defaults to undo changes.


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