Get an old program to work in Windows 10

If a favorite program is giving you problems in Windows 10, there are a couple of options. One is to check with the developer to see if there’s an update to the program available. The other is to give Windows 10 compatibility mode a try.

Right-click the program icon on your desktop and you’ll get a drop-down menu. You can also go into program files under file explorer and find the program.  Either way, you’ll get a drop-down menu. You’ll want to click Troubleshoot compatibility.


Windows will take a minute or so looking at the compatibility of your program.


When it’s done with that, you’ll get two options… TRY RECOMMENDED SETTINGS and TROUBLESHOOT PROGRAM. The first option will just apply whatever settings Windows thinks is best, and then give you the option to test the program.  If using the recommended settings doesn’t work, I would recommend clicking the second option.  When you do, you’ll get a new set of options.


For your issue, you’ll want to click the first, THE PROGRAM WORKED IN EARLIER VERSIONS OF WINDOWS BUT WON’T INSTALL OR RUN NOW, and then click next.  Then you’ll get a list of the previous versions of Windows that compatibility mode works with, including an “I don’t know” option, which strikes me as a little strange.  After all, you’re telling Windows that you know that the program worked before, but you don’t know which version it worked on?  Anyhow, you will choose the Windows 7 option, and then click Next.


Now you’ll get the option to test the program.  Once you have tested it, pass or fail, click next and you’ll get a screen that gives you some “what’s next” options.


Another option might be to check the Windows Store to see if there’s a newer version of your program available.


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