Manage Mac folders & files with Finder

Managing files and folders in Mac is a bit different than file management on a Windows PC. Let’s check out how to do it. Start by clicking the Finder icon on your Mac dock.


Here’s what the Finder looks like when it opens.


The pane at the left is your navigation pane. You’ll see the contents of the folders you click on in the center pane.


You have several options for displaying items in the center pane.  You’ll find the controls at the top of the Finder windows.


Your first option is to show items as icons.


Your next choice is to show items as a list.


You can also choose to see items displayed in columns.


Your final view choice is to display items in a gallery.


Next to that is the icon for grouping folders. You can choose to sort items by Name, Kind, Date Last Opened, Date Added, Date Modified, Date Created, Size, or Tags.


To search within Finder, just use the search box at the top right.


Tomorrow, we’ll look at more options for using Finder.


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