Windows 10 secret button

Did you know there’s a secret button that allows you to get a look at your desktop when you have one or more windows open on your PC? It’s located all the way to the right of your taskbar to right of the clock and your notifications center. It’s a very narrow little strip.


Click on it and you’ll be taken to your desktop. Click there again and you’ll go back to the window or windows you have open.

There’s also another option that lets you get a quick preview of your desktop just by hovering over that almost invisible button.  Start by typing taskbar settings in the search box and clicking on the results.


This window will open.


Slide the switch next to Use Peek to preview to the On position.


Now you can get a sneak peek of your desktop when you hover your mouse over the button at the far right of your taskbar. When you move your mouse pointer, you’ll go back to your open window or windows.

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