Scam Coronavirus emails

There’s no bad situation that scammers won’t take advantage of and the Coronavirus pandemic is no exception.

Crooks are pulling phishing scams targeting those worried about the virus. A phishing scam is one that gets you to click on a malicious link or reveal personal information by impersonating a reliable source like the government or your bank.

So far, these scammers seem to be using what’s called a government imposter scam where they pretend to be from your state health department or the Center for Disease Control.


According to the folks at Norton, one scam email used the CDC Health Alert Network logo and said that clicking on a link would take you to a list of local infections. The scammers then asked for your email address and password. The scumbags then stole the victim’s credentials.

Sometimes the links take you to sites that contain malware that can hijack your computer or steal your information.

It is highly unlikely that you would receive either an email or a phone call from the CDC regarding the Coronavirus. If you want accurate information visit your local health department, state, health department, or click here to check out the CDC’s website.

For Canada, click here.

For the UK click here.

For Australia click here.

For the World Health Organization click here.



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