Facebook Video Chat

I’ve had tons of questions about video chats, so I thought I’d show everyone how to use the video call function of Facebook. It’s super easy and doesn’t require installing any special software if you already use Facebook.  There’s no additional fee. You can talk to anyone anywhere in the world as long as they have either a Facebook account or use Messenger.

If you use Facebook on your computer, just open your browser. On a phone or tablet, you’ll use the Messenger app.

Phones, tablets, and laptops should already have a camera and microphone built-in. A desktop computer might require a webcam and microphone.

Here’s how to go have a chat with one other person. Open Facebook and click on the Message icon at the top.  Click on New Message to start a new chat or click on a recent conversation.


Once you have a chat window open, just click on the camera icon at the top of the chat window to make a video call.


Here’s where to tap in the messenger app chat window.

messenger app


The call will begin to ring.  To end the call, tap the phone icon at the bottom. You may have to give permission for your phone or computer to access the camera and microphone.


Here’s what the browser display looks like.


Here’s what it looks like on a phone. You’ll need to give permission to turn on the camera by tapping share back.


Then all you have to do is talk. Tomorrow, I’ll show you how to do a group chat with multiple people.




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