Windows Memory Diagnostic Tool

A reader wants to know about the Windows Memory Diagnostic Tool:

“I encountered ‘Windows Memory Diagnostic Tool’. Do you recommend using this – or not?”

Windows Memory Diagnostic Tool is a built-in app in Windows. It’s absolutely safe to use as it’s part of the operating system.

One clarification, when we talk about memory on a computer, we mean the RAM and not the amount of space on your hard drive. These are two different things.

Some symptoms of memory issues on a PC include:

  • Unexpected restarts
  • Corrupt files
  • Your PC starts up okay but slows down as you use it
  • The dreaded blue screen of death

To use the Memory Diagnostic Tool, just search for it in the search box and click on the result.


You’ll be given the option of restarting immediately to check for problems or checking the next time you boot up your computer.


Here’s the screen you’ll see while it’s checking the memory.


The results should  pop up when you log into Windows.

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